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Beijing Pioneer Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Company Profile


Customer-Focused Distribution
Beijing Pioneer Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., Beijing PioneerBiomed, founded in 1997, is a leading distributor of imported biological and medical devices, reagents, and consumables in the biomedical industry.Headquartered in a 1000-square-meter 3-story office building in Beijing, PioneerBiomed employs 69 management, sales, technical, and administrative professionals.As one of the fastest growing companies in China, PioneerBiomed has been dedicating to providing its customers with high-quality products and services, and the newest technologies.The company’s customers include government, clinical, academic, and biotech/ pharmaceutical facilities throughout the country.

Highly Selected Product Line
PioneerBiomed’s explosive growth is due in part to its highly selected line of products that best meet its customer needs and most benefit its customers.The company is an authorized distributor of products manufactured by dozens of well recognized global suppliers in the industry, such as Thermo Electron, BD, Bayer, Sysmex, Medica, TECO, BioSystems, The Binding Site, Randox, DiaSys, Telstar, ELGA, CTL, Bio-Rad, Molecular Devices, Eppendorf, Buchi, and DragonMed.To ersify its product offerings, PioneerBiomed has continually been adding new suppliers and their respective products, aiming to make the company its customers’ one-stop shop for all the components necessary for their businesses.

Strong Sales / Marketing Capability
PioneerBiomed’s multi-dimensional sales activities are carried out through extensive channel distributions, direct-sales, and government bids by its experienced sales force that covers thousands of end users and sub-dealers nationwide, resulting in an annual turnover of more than US$ 5 million.The company’s two most-senior managers are native Chinese who have been educated and have worked in the biomedical and management fields in China, the U.S., and Australia for over 25 years, making them gain both firsthand knowledge of the local market and international business practices.The company has also established 9 regional offices, in order to expand its market coverage, provide better customer services, and ensure faster communication with its customers.

Superior Customer Service
PioneerBiomed is committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. The company’s professionals are trained on a regular basis, in order to meet or exceed the requirements from both customers and suppliers. PioneerBiomed’s excellent and professional technical staff, salespersons, and management team are available to serve customers 24-hour a day, 7-day a week.The company’s policies also include all the do’s and don’ts, such as same-day shipping, no minimum order size, and no minimum delivery requirement.

Organization Culture
PioneerBiomed’s culture embraces four key values: Integrity that provides the cornerstone of a successful company, Respect that encourages direct communication within the company and with customers, Excellence that pursues the highest standards of professionalism and performance, and Teamwork that supports each other to reach common goals.


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